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sweetheart, it's time.



Even the best relationships take work, my friend, but starting and ending relationships is often excruciating.  How do you know what's the right thing to do? How do you navigate the uncomfortable conversations? How do you pick up the pieces of a broken heart and get on with life after it's over?  Or, better yet, how do you improve and deepen your current romantic relationship(s)? 

Do any of these describe you?

  • Feeling uneasy or un-partnered in your current romantic relationship?

  • Having a hard time identifying and communicating your needs and wants?

  • Feeling taken advantage of or abused?

  • Trying to decide if you should stay or go?

  • Dealing with infidelity?

  • Struggling to "let go" after a breakup?

  • Feeling overwhelmed by end-of-relationship grief?

  • Overwhelmed at the prospect of dating again?

  • Struggling to attract the right kind of partner for you?

Now Available for Online RELATIONSHIP Coaching


My name is Kimberly and I am a licensed, practicing psychotherapist in Arizona.


As part of my work for the past decade I've helped hundreds (if not thousands) of people navigate all aspects of romantic relationships: boundaries, communication, issues with sex, infidelity, divorce, co-parenting, blended name it. 

Mature woman with shoulder-length, straight blonde hair, looking slightly off camera.  She is wearing chunky, dark-framed glasses, gold hoop earrings, a denim jacket, and a yellow tanktop under the jacked. She is smiling and using her right hand to tuck hair behind her ear

How I Can Help:

  • I've got you, boo! Let me help you figure this out.

    1 hr
    150 US dollars
  • Let's get the two of you together to work this out.

    1 hr 30 min
    250 US dollars
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